How to start a BLOG – Beginner’s Guide for 2019

How to start a BLOG – Beginner’s Guide for 2019

You want to begin a blog but need some guidance on the best way to start a blog?  I have even managed to turn to blog into my full-time business.



Starting a blog has been one of the best things I’ve done. I regret that I wish I would have started sooner, mainly before applying leave for 30day which resulted, my holiday got rejected, and my vacation got cancelled.

New blogs are created every single day. Many of them are built on free blogging platforms such as or Tumblr. However, I’m going to explain how to get your self-hosted WordPress blog as well as how to earn income with it if you want to.

How To Decide On What To Blog About

What interests you? What can you talk about all the time and not tired of it? These are the types of questions you can ask yourself when choosing a blog topic.

Choosing a blog topic is also referred to as selecting a niche. A niche is just a group of people talking about the same thing.

The simplest and easiest way to choose a niche is to fill in the blank below:
how can I help people to achieve?

Blogs that focus on one topic and provide helpful information have the best results. I have had great results by choosing a niche that I knew that I could be beneficial. It would help if you were not an expert in the niche that you want. For example, I have always had an interest in learning how to invest in real estate and how to build passive income streams. I do not know about the topic, but because of my keen interest in it, I can create a blog based on learning as I go. The content would be helpful for anyone teaching on own as well.

Buy Your Domain for the Blog (URL) 

A domain is also crucial for a blog. Try to get the domain related to your niche so that it will help you for SEO of the blog. You can buy it from any domain provider, but I can suggest you the best pricing and support domain seller is Crazy Domains

New Domains

Get Your own Self-Hosted WordPress Blog.

I don’t ever recommend using free blogging services for starting your blog. It is just too easy and extremely low-cost to get your self-hosted WordPress website.

Here are the primary reasons why I don’t recommend using free blogging platforms:

You Don’t Have Full Ownership of Your Content. When signing up to free blogging services, you also agree to their terms of service. This means that they have the authority to close accounts or their service at any time for any reason. Imagine all of your hard work disappearing without notice?
You Can’t Advertise The Way You Want To.

In many cases, a free blogging service will place their ads on your blog and prevent you from doing any advertising of your own. You will then need to pay an upgrade fee to get those additional benefits. You Get Limited Storage Space (Unless You Upgrade) Many free blogging platforms will provide you with limited storage space. When you need more space, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

All of the above eliminated by having your self-hosted WordPress blog or blogger web app. It is inexpensive and easy to do. I will demonstrate how to do so with one of the web hosting providers that I use, and I recommend as these are very low prices for bloggers.

You can use any web hosting provider that you want. It will primarily work the same way. is the web hosting provider with excellent performance and support. Please visit the website is providing the best prices for bloggers with unlimited bandwidth, 10gb of space and one email with domain specified. The cost per month per domain hosting is Rs.70 per month (2$) or Rs.650 (14$ ) per year. If you want to know about it more, please send the mail to with referral code mentioned in it as PASSIVEINCOMEINDIA in the email.

If you want the installation of WordPress or they provide the web app for bloggers for Rs.500 ( 10$ ) with installation and technical support for 1month. The web app for bloggers will be much more comfortable to maintain content and manage the blog than WordPress.They help you provide the Wordpress installed if you want. Please mention referral code as PASSIVEINCOMEINDIA and avail the offer.

Create Content Easily

Blogging involves creating content on a regular basis. Don’t feel intimidated about creating content. You do not need to be a world-class writer. Blogs are casual which means you can write in a way that is most comfortable for you. I write as if I’m writing to a friend. If you are humorous, insert that into your content.

Keyword Research

I never create a new blog post without performing keyword research first. It’s essential to create content that people are searching. A tremendous free keyword tool to use is You can input a keyword phrase related to the topic of your blog.

It will return various questions that people search for based on your keyword phrase. You will then have a great list of blog topics that you can write about.

Search free images for the blog
A great free image without copyrights website is and Search for your topic related pictures and use them in the blog. Before using in the blog, please try to check the file size and try to compress the width*height and file size so that website will load fastly. For compression, you can use, and

Outlining Your Blog Posts

Another way to make creating a blog post simple is by describing your blog post with a title and subtitles first.

For example, I begin each blog post as such:

Subheadline 1
Subheadline 2
Subheadline 3
Subheadline 4

Blogging is Fun and Can Be Productive!

When you create a blog in a niche that you enjoy, you will find it is fun to maintain. As you continue to create content on a regular basis, your blog will also begin to get web traffic. At that point, you’ll have the opportunity to start earning income with your blog. My preferred method is promoting other company’s products and services. Promotions are referred to as affiliate marketing.

However, you can also place display ads on your blog or sell your products or services.

Wrapping Up
I hope this post has shown how easy to get your blog started. I create all of my blogs in this exact manner.

To recap:
Decide what you want to blog about (choosing a niche main important one)
Get your self-hosted WordPress blog
Create content on a regular basis
Earn income with your blog (optional)

Tools which are essential for preparing blog post - 
1. ( Image compression )
2.  ( Image compression )
3.  ( Free images to use )
4.  ( Image compression )
5.  ( Free photos to use )
6. ( Search for keywords )
7. (CSV to words with a comma)
8. (English writing)

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NOTE** If you buy any product by clicking below item, i will receive a commision. It helps me increase the quality of the posts

NOTE** If you buy any product by clicking below item, i will receive a commision. It helps me increase the quality of the posts

NOTE** If you buy any product by clicking below item, i will receive a commision. It helps me increase the quality of the posts